Invalid Hostname

If your server shows "Invalid hostname" in the server-list when attempting to query
If your server shows "Invalid Hostname" when querying on the serverlist, this usually means you are accessing a domain (or IP) pointed to our network, but not actually registered within our database.
Example of the error


  • You have a SRV record pointed directly to your CNAME
  • You are connecting directly to your CNAME (similar to SRV)
  • You have not registered and verified your domain with TCPShield
  • Your root domain* is not verified on our panel (usually behind an SRV record)
  • You have misspelled your domain name when entering it in the dashboard


  • If you have an SRV record, ensure it is going to a target that is registered on TCPShield (for example a subdomain that is already pointing to the protected CNAME)
  • Make sure you have your root domain is added and verified on the TCPShield web panel.
  • Ensure the domain you're attempting to reach is registered within your dashboard, with a reachable backend IP
  • If it is registered, ensure it is spelled properly
  • *It's important to note that (your root domain) and (your subdomain) are two different types of domains.