Protect a website

Using Cloudflare for web and TCPShield for Minecraft

This guide will show how to have a website protected with Cloudflare and a Minecraft protected with TCPShield. This guide assumes you have a domain on Cloudflare already.

Step 1: Login and remove existing records

First, we need to protect our web server with Cloudflare. Let's log into Cloudflare and do that.

Now we will add our web server to Cloudflare. First we need to see if there are any DNS records already pointed to @ (the base domain) or www.

This guide will assume is my domain

Step 2: Add your web server IP

Now, we will add our web server to cloudflare and proxy it. We can do that like this.

If you would like www. to work as well, do the same thing again but replace @ with www

Step 3: Create the SRV record

Now we have protected our website on Cloudflare! Now we will make sure players can still connect with using no subdomain.

Step 3.1: Point TCPShield CNAME to a target

Create a new DNS record like this

Step 3.2: Create the SRV

Now we make it so takes you to your server on Minecraft. Copy the steps below.

IMPORTANT: The port on the SRV record has to be 25565. That's the port TCPShield is listening on, not your backend port.

Step 3.3: Done

It's as easy as one two three.

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