This is the FAQ for Miscellaneous answers to questions we often receive.

How much does TCPShield Cost?

TCPShield is a philanthropic run effort. We have considered adding some enterprise features in the future, however our core DDoS mitigation service will always be free.

How are you guys funded?

We are funded 100% by our donors and out of pocket by our staff. Other DDoS mitigation providers cost hundreds of dollars per month. We saw these markups as unreasonable, so we built TCPShield to be free for everyone. If you wanted to help us out with our project and fund us for the years to come, please consider donating!

Can you protect things other than Minecraft?

In the future we have considered this, but at this time we are only able to protect Minecraft servers. If you need web protection we recommend using Cloudflare as a free alternative.

We are actively working on Geyser support, but do not have compatibility with it at this time.

What are the limitations of TCPShield? How much capacity do you have?

Our layer 4 capacity sits at 16 Tbps, and layer 7 up to an unlimited amount of connections per second.

Some person is using my assets on your network. Can you remove them from your service?

No. We only respond to court orders & other legal take down requests.

Can you have all my traffic routed to XYZ?

Maybe, but doing so would jeopardize your ability to benefit from globally distributed network and the resiliency that comes with it. Unless you really understand the implications of requesting this, it's best not to.

Where are TCPshield proxies located?

We currently have frontend proxies located in:

  • Beauharnois, Quebec

  • Gravelines, France

  • Frankfurt, Germany