Transfer Packets

This page covers general usage for transfer packets


Mojang will soon be adding transfer packets to the game as per Snapshot 24W03A . This guide covers how to get setup so you can start using this feature.

Snapshot overview:


Make sure the IP address of the transfer packet enabled server is public and reachable on its defined port.

Scenario: Let's assume we have a sub server "Survival" that lives on and we would like to conceal this address via TCPShield, and we would like to send players to this server via transfer packet.

Step 1: First, we would add a new backend set for this sub server:

Step 2: Now that we have have our backend set defined, we need to create a domain entry that points to it. Go to the domains section and add a new subdomain which points to this new set. We will use "" in this example.

Step 3: Next, we need to make sure our sub server is configured to accept transfers. In make sure accept-transfers is true. If they are being transferred to another Velocity or Waterfall instance, this config option will be publicised by their respective teams closer to the major release of 1.21.

Step 4: Once this record is added, point "srv05" in our case to the protected CNAME shown in the domains section. We have a guide here for DNS setup.

Transfer packet usage

When instructing clients to connect to the sub server, rather than setting as the target server, they should be targeted to

If DNS is set correctly, all should work as normal. What we have essentially done is added this new sub server as its own protected hostname, where the handshake logic follows the same sequence as if it was any other protected server via our network.

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