Wildcard DNS

This documentation covers the setup of wildcard DNS.

Wildcard DNS is beneficial for networks that need to dynamically generate subdomains for different servers or purposes, such as xyz.domain.com, cracked.domain.com, etc., without the need for individual DNS entries for each subdomain. This setup will guide you through the process and ensuring that all subdomains are secured and directed appropriately.

Step 1: Verify your root domain:

Follow this step in our documentation to verify your root domain. This step is crucial as it verifies ownership and controls DNS settings, which are needed for proper configuration and protection.

Step 2: Adding your subdomain:

On your DNS manager (we will be using Cloudflare in this demonstration), add a new CNAME record with this configuration:

  • Name: *

  • Target: your protected CNAME target

  • Proxy status OFF

If your configuration doesn't work immediately, it might be due to DNS propagation.

By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that all subdomains under your domain are protected against DDoS attacks while maintaining flexibility in how you manage your DNS settings.

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