A quick overview of how billing works with TCPShield

What happens if I go over my allocated bandwidth limit?

When 90% of bandwidth has been used, we will email you every few hours to notify you that you are close to the bandwidth limit. At 100% utilization, your servers MOTD will be overwritten indicating how to resolve the issue. At this point players can still join, but MOTD will show that your resource limit has been reached. At 200% utilization or 5 days after you first reached 100%, your domains will be disabled and players will no longer be able to join through TCPShield. Bandwidth is calculated via ingress from your server and players to our network. We report the raw bytes we see, so you can keep track on your end as well of your own usage using applications like nload and iftop with 1-1 accuracy.

What payment methods are accepted?

PayPal and Debit/Credit Card are accepted payment methods.

"I really need X feature and not X feature, can we modify the price of the plans?"

No. We only make changes to limits on the plans for individuals on the enterprise plan.


It may take a few moments for your plan to activate after payment. If you have any issues, please feel free to reach out to TCPShield Staff any time.

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