Information about the API provided for TCPShield users.

The process for integration against the TCPShield API is very easy. We have implemented full functionality and provide full support for our API for users with the pro plan and above.

OpenAPI documentation is provided here. You can also find the repository where this information is hosted here.


Your API key can be grabbed from your settings page.

Generally speaking, your API key allows the caller to preform any action your normal account can. It goes without saying, but as a reminder, it is extremely important to keep your API key only in trusted hands.


List all networks:

curl -H 'X-API-Key: YOUR_API_KEY'

We will be providing API wrappers in more languages in the future. At this time, if you need support or have questions, the engineers of TCPShield would be happy to assist.

Java API

Our Java API is available at

Important Information

TCPShield reserves the right to restrict API access for anything we find malicious or overbearing on our systems. We also reserve the right to change the API without warning on the currently published endpoints.

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