Failed to Insert Server

How to transfer domains to another account

The most common reason on why you are getting this error is because another user has claimed your server on our panel. Don't worry, this happens all the time and TCPShield staff can get this fixed for you very quickly. This often happens when server domains are reused, sold, transferred, or accidentally registered other server staff. To get a domain transferred to your account, please follow these steps:

  1. Join our discord server and open a support ticket.

  2. Post the domain you are having issues and unable to add, as well as the username you would like the account transferred to.

  3. In order to ensure you actually own the domain, we require verification. If possible, please add a TXTrecord to your domain with the value Current Month/Day/Year Verified by TCPShield


I purchased from someone on McMarket. I attempt to add it to the panel, but get the error "Failed to Insert Server". I would join the TCPShield Discord, open a ticket, and post I would like "" moved to the panel account "ShieldPVP".

I would then add a TXTrecord like so to Cloudflare / your DNS provider of choice.

That's all required to transfer domains, this process keeps domains safe and ensures proof of ownership. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our staff.